In today’s busy world, you need to keep a watchful eye on business, premises and your people.

CCTV surveillance from Securitek, is a realistic deterrent against internal and external theft, fighting fraud and providing vital recorded evidence for the police and authorities.

Many small and large companies, high street retailers and property developers choose Securitek regularly for their CCTV surveillance needs. Our staff have many years experience recognising the tell-tale patterns of criminals and miscreants and can act as your watchful eye 24 hours a day, in the fight against willful damage to property, potential lost profits and harm to innocent people.

CCTV Installation ImageSecuritek also provide CCTV Installation and Remote Monitoring 24 hours a day

CCTV installations are the perfect solution to monitoring both your premises and valuables, both internally and externally.

CCTV installations guarantee to capture every moment and will always show the truth!

As a reputable and experienced CCTV installer, we can provide a dedicated CCTV installation specification and a high quality CCTV installation to suite any property and budget.

Should your budget be limited, We can still offer a CCTV installation package to suite. We provide many CCTV Installations to our new and existing clientele and have good knowledge and access to quality CCTV equipment. Having much experience as CCTV Installers in Gibraltar, we can source our CCTV installation equipment usually the next day and at the best prices on offer – passing that saving on to you!

securitek-in-the-officejpgThe CCTV installer starter packages we can offer are of the same high quality as any of our other CCTV installer packages we design and are not DIY grade! As  a Gibraltar CCTV Installer, we source our CCTV equipment from reputable sources that offer full guarantee’s and an excellent after care service and refund or repair at their earliest convenience.

All CCTV installer packages we provide are designed to provide maximum security within your budget and are chosen to specifically meet your CCTV needs. These CCTV installer packages are designed in house, are flexible and completely expandable to suite your needs in the future. As a an experienced CCTV installer, we recognise and have experience of reputable suppliers and materials, meaning we can specify what we beleive to be best for your situation. All our CCTV installation materials are of high quality and are recognised throughout the CCTV installation field.

Dont pick a DIY grade kit yourself and have a go! We see these fail all the time and the quality is very poor and will deteriorate over time. As an experienced CCTV installer, we often find ourselves replacing many CCTV cameras, cabling and equipment such as DVR’s due to budget DIY jobs! We can source and design any CCTV installer kit for any property and explain why.

Every CCTV installation we offer is  hard wired and distributed using only high quality grade materials, right down to the final connections. Regardless of your budget, you will still receive the same high-end CCTV materials as any other of our CCTV installations. It is only the quantity we adjust to suite your needs and nothing else!

Make your enquiry today and we will give you a free, no obligation survey and written quotation. We can work together to suite your budget and provide you with a dedicated CCTV installation that is guaranteed to monitor every moment and every angle of your premises.

Away from home? Holiday or work? We can provide CCTV Installations that allow you to view your property over the internet and on your Iphone or other smartphone from anywhere in the world! Enquire now!

Tell me a little more….

  • As an experienced Gibraltar based CCTV installer, we offer all Home and commercial property owners in and around Gibraltar,  a CCTV installation that will not only prove as a deterrent to criminals but will also capture and record video footage of those unwanted trespassers. Should they still decide to commit any un-sociable behavior then all the action will be captured instantly in a high quality video format and can be transferred to any source including DVD, USB and email which will assist the police and any court of law in a conviction!
  • Most Insurance Providers will welcome a CCTV installation and they may even reduce your policy premiums!
  • All our CCTV installations utilize the best high quality grade equipment and are individually designed to suite your individual needs and unique property layout.
  • Providing many CCTV installations, we try our best to ensure our CCTV installations are discreet, neat and out of the reach of vandalism but to balance this out, we will provide stickers for your property to warn off any potential intruder, should you wish.
  • You will still have full control and functionality of your  CCTV system and as and when it suites your budget, call us back and we will again, provide a free, no obligation written quotation to extend and upgrade the cctv installation with additional CCTV surveillance cameras etc. Non of the existing CCTV installation will be affected, providing you with maximum value for money!


Securitek`s extensive range of security services and practices work long or short term